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Sister Concern

Modern Newa English School is a sister concern of Asian Crafts, Nepal. This school was established in 2003 at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal. The main objective of the school is to educate children in their own mother language.

There are 123 languages in Nepal. People speak different languages according to the location. For example, people of the Kathmandu valley speak the Newar language, the Sherpa language is spoken in the Himalayan region and Maithili and Bhojpuri languages in the southern part of the country. Similarly Tharu is spoken in the Chitwan area and Gurung and Magar languages are spoken in the western mountain region. Apart from these languages, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Jirel and many other languages are spoken in Nepal.

There are many instances of children not wanting to go to school because their language is not spoken in the school and they do not understand what is being taught in the classroom. So to avoid this kind of problems, we established the school where education is given in mother language of the local people.

We are using the Newar language in our school which is the local language of the Kathmandu valley. Children feel at ease in our school. They are very happy and enthusiastic about learning.

According to experts too, education given in the mother language will be much more effective compare to other languages that children do not understand well. Effective education is the need of the nation. So we are following this very noble idea and have been successful in achieving our goal.

This is a school with a new idea. So TV, radio and newspapers publish news about our school and interview us frequently. We are getting good response from Newar and non-Newar parents as well. Dipak Tuladhar, the founder of the school, has been awarded and honored publicly many times for this reason.

Besides using the students' mother language, we give equal priority to English and the lingua-franca of Nepal so that our students will be fit in every field.

Mother language based school is very rare in Nepal. So after the success of this school, we are now thinking of opening more such schools in the villages of Nepal. Schools are very important for Nepal as the literacy rate is below 57 %.

Teaching & activities of the school

School Principal
Mrs. Reema Tuladhar
For more details, please visit